Back Roads Band

The Back Roads Band is a five piece band founded on February 8, 2005.


In 2013 we had the honor of winning MCMAA 5 Piece Band of the Year.


We performed traditional country music for the first year, until we decided to set ourselves apart from other bands. I told my band to put some drive in our country, and that’s just what we did.

We play contemporary country, southern rock, blues, and bluegrass. And we have a fan base that is one of the largest in Massachusetts. We have a good time and we never disappoint club owners or the fans who come out to hear us play.

Over the last five years, we have played and continue to play a lot of big shows, fairs, festivals and opening acts.  Although we have played larger venues we will never be too big to play VFW’s and Legions, some of which are like home to us.

We had the honor of performing on the 32nd Annual MCMAA (Massachusetts Country Music Awards Association) Awards Show on September 27, 2010. We were nominated for Five Piece Band of the Year and each member was nominated in their instrument's category in 2010, 2011 and again in 2012.

Although we have changed members of band a few times there has always been a steady flow of great rocking country music.


 Would like to thank a bunch of people whether they have filled in for a night or two or have helped us along the way:

          First off we would like to thank Bob Porawski and his wife Lisa Porawski for creating our logo. Like to thank Manny Massa and the Goat Ropers, Ann Marie Collins, Homer and Cindy Adams, Elaine Ellis, Bill Curby, Macomber, Bobby Adams, Maureen Corrieri, Frank  Medeiros, Mike Nye, Al Silveira, Paul Nogura, Mike Roberts, Paul Taylor.